Healthy Snacks

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Healthy Snacks

For the rainbow skewers, you will need:(makes 8 skewers)

8 Strawberries

1 easy peeler orange

1/4 of a pineapple

1 kiwi

18 blueberries

8 purple grapes

8 skewers

A parent/guardian, skewers are sharp!


Push the skewers into the grapes(1 grape per skewers),next add two blueberries on each skewers.

Ask an adult to peel a kiwi and chop it up into 8 little pieces, push the skewers through 1 piece of kiwi each.

Next, again ask for an adults help to peel the shell of the pineapple, and cut it into little pieces.

place the skewers through 1 piece of pineapple each

Peel an orange and cut it into eight pieces

Push the skewers through those too(1 per skewers)

And last but not least push the skewers through 1 strawberry each


  • Courgette Pizza! This quick, tasty, healthy and easy snackable version uses courgette as a base!.

    You Will Need:



    Tomato sauce

    Enjoy Snacking!